Boiler Systems

At Chemstar WATER, we have designed our boiler systems treatment programs to protect the integrity of boilers and all related heat exchange equipment such as economizers, air preheaters, deaerators, superheaters, and steam turbines.

Because boiler systems are energy-intensive and costly, it is in our customers’ best interest to maximize boiler efficiency through increased steam production and reduced fuel consumption. The first step is to ensure steam and condensate losses are controlled well, which includes treating condensate return. The second step is minimizing blowdown, which can be achieved by using makeup water pretreatment systems including water filtration and softening systems, demineralizers, dealkalizers, reverse osmosis systems, electrodialysis reversal as well as water treatment chemicals such as polymer organics. Through these methods, usually, our customers’ energy savings are more than their annual water treatment costs.

Since makeup water quality changes and discharge requirements differ depending on the location, we tailor water treatment programs specifically for each customer. This enables Chemstar WATER to achieve:

  • lowest optimum boiler blowdown resulting in water and associated energy savings
  • extended life of boiler tubes
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of the key indicators with control ranges
  • improved plant uptime by eradicating scale and corrosion-related downtimes
  • regular reporting of key indicators and suggested proactive measures