Industrial Bakery

Chemstar WATER Improves Water Quality and Eliminates Shutdowns for Large Industrial Bakery


An industrial bakery faced a number of challenges related to the quality of its water, which had the potential to impact its production processes and product quality negatively. One of the main challenges was the presence of hard water, which can lead to a build-up of scale and reduce the efficiency of the facility’s water-based systems. This can result in costly shutdowns and negatively affect the bakery’s production capabilities.

In addition to hard water, the bakery also faced the risk of water quality-related shutdowns, which can be caused by contaminants or other issues with the water treatment system. These shutdowns can be costly and disrupt the facility’s production processes, leading to a decrease in productivity and revenue.

  • PRODUCTION VOLUME: 2 million rolls per day
  • FACILITY SIZE: 75,000 sq ft


To address these challenges and improve the overall performance of the bakery’s water treatment systems, Chemstar WATER was brought on board in 2014. Chemstar WATER is a trusted provider of water treatment services to many leading companies within the food and beverage industry, and has a proven track record of delivering effective solutions to a range of water treatment challenges.

To treat the bakery’s water, Chemstar WATER implemented a range of techniques and technologies, including water softeners, boilers, centrifugal chillers, heat exchangers, reverse osmosis, granular activated carbon, and an on-site hypochlorite generator. These methods were designed to remove contaminants, improve the overall quality of the water, and ensure the smooth operation of the facility’s production processes.

Water softeners were installed to remove excess minerals from the water, ensuring that it is free of contaminants and more effective in maintaining the facility’s equipment. Boilers were used to heat and circulate water throughout the facility, helping to maintain a consistent temperature in the bakery’s production processes. Centrifugal chillers were used to cool water, which was then used to cool the bakery’s ovens and other equipment, helping to prevent overheating.

Reverse osmosis was used to remove contaminants from the water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane, producing high-quality water that is ideal for the bakery’s production processes. Granular activated carbon was used to absorb impurities and contaminants, improving the overall quality of the water. Finally, an on-site hypochlorite generator was installed to produce a highly effective disinfectant that is used to kill bacteria and other contaminants in the water.


Since implementing these water treatment methods, Chemstar WATER has successfully eliminated any water quality-related shutdowns at the bakery.  The facilities manager has reported that Chemstar WATER has played a crucial role in maintaining the facility’s production capabilities and ensuring that the bakery’s water treatment systems function optimally. “Chemstar WATER eliminated any water quality-related shutdowns after coming on board in 2014. The facility has been producing one of the tastiest and highest quality rolls in the market.” -Facilities Manager

Overall, Chemstar WATER has proven to be a reliable and effective partner for the industrial bakery, helping to improve the water quality and eliminate any water-related issues that could disrupt the facility’s production processes.

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