Central Utility Plant

Chemstar WATER Delivers Exceptional Water Treatment Services to Large Combined Heat and Power Plant in Washington, D.C.


A large combined heat and power plant in Washington, D.C. faced a number of challenges when it came to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of its boilers and chillers. The facility had a high demand for steam production, requiring the boilers to operate at a pressure of 125 psig and produce 120,000 MM lbs/yr of steam. The plant also had a high demand for chilled water, with a capacity of 37,500 tons. To meet these demands, the facility relied on a once-thru cooling system that used 110,000 gpm of water.

Maintaining the quality of the water used in these systems was essential to ensuring their smooth operation and minimizing the risk of equipment failure. However, maintaining the quality of the water presented its own set of challenges. The facility needed to ensure that the water used in the boilers and chillers was free of impurities and contaminants that could cause corrosion or scale buildup, which could lead to costly repairs and downtime.


In 1999, the facility decided to partner with Chemstar WATER to address these challenges. Chemstar WATER has extensive experience in providing water treatment services for a wide range of industries, including power plants. The company has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and quality.

Chemstar WATER was tasked with providing overall water treatment for the facility’s deaerator, boilers, centrifugal chillers, once-thru heat exchanges, and river water in-take systems. The company implemented a number of strategies to ensure the quality and purity of the water used in these systems. These strategies included using chemical additives and filtration systems to remove impurities and contaminants, as well as regular monitoring and testing to ensure that the water remained pure and free of corrosion-causing substances.

In addition to these water treatment measures, Chemstar WATER implemented a comprehensive water treatment and preventative maintenance program to ensure that the facility’s boilers and chillers were well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency. The company’s team of professionals conducted regular inspections and maintenance on the equipment, identifying and addressing any potential issues before they could become major problems.


Thanks to the efforts of Chemstar WATER, the large combined heat and power plant in Washington, D.C. has seen significant improvements in the performance of its boilers and chillers. The facility director reports that the 25-year-old boilers and chillers have experienced less than 1% tube failure, thanks in part to the company’s PM and water treatment programs. In fact, an independent boiler inspector who has seen boilers all over the East coast has noted that the boilers at this particular plant are the cleanest he has ever seen and look more like they are only 3 years old instead of their actual age of 25 years.

This third-party validation is a testament to the effectiveness of Chemstar WATER’s water treatment services. The company’s attention to detail and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of water purity has resulted in longer-lasting, more efficient equipment for the plant. The facility director can rely on Chemstar WATER to provide consistent, high-quality treatment that helps to extend the life of the boilers and chillers, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

In addition to its exceptional performance, Chemstar WATER has also demonstrated its commitment to customer service over the past two decades. The company has consistently met the plant’s needs and has been able to adapt to any changes or challenges that have arisen. This level of flexibility and responsiveness has allowed the plant to continue operating at peak efficiency without any interruptions or delays due to water treatment issues.


“Outstanding, 25-year old boilers and chillers have less than 1 % tube failure. Recent Eddie current testing of chiller tube bundles showed we should achieve 45 year life. Furthermore, our independent boiler inspector who goes all over the East coast states my boilers are cleanest boilers he has seen and stated they look like they are 3 year old versus their actual age of 25 years old, this is a great testimony to our PM and water treatment  programs.” – Facility Director