Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial Water Treatment

When it comes to keeping water systems clean, we handle all the dirty work.

Commercial Water Treatment

Chemstar WATER has long been the go-to expert for commercial water treatment solutions, serving a wide array of businesses, building owners, contractors, and construction firms for many years. We recognize the multifaceted role of commercial building facility managers, who must juggle numerous responsibilities, often with limited time and resources. Understanding these challenges, Chemstar WATER stands ready to be your reliable end-to-end water management partner.

Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to efficiently manage and maintain your water system with minimal direct oversight from your team. From automated chemical delivery services to the development and execution of customized water management plans, we’re here to ensure your water system is handled expertly and efficiently.

Let Chemstar WATER take the complexity out of water management for your commercial property, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Read how Chemstar WATER helped safely combat Legionnaires Disease at a major medical center in Virginia.

District Energy Water Treatment

District energy is a resourceful way to heat and cool local buildings centrally. That said, the efficiency gains depend on properly setting up and maintaining water treatment systems. Let Chemstar WATER’s team of experts maximize your building’s water treatment to optimize output while reducing your dependence on energy and water. Our proven solutions can save you time, labor, expenses, and maintenance costs.

Common Water Treatment Challenges District Energy Facilities Face

Water treatment systems are subject to many ongoing factors that can ultimately undermine performance or create premature replacement or repair. At Chemstar WATER, our plans are based on solutions to prevent and mitigate these common issues:

  • Sealing Building’s Closed-Loop System: ideally, the water inside your system needs to remain free of oxygen and carbon dioxide to avoid corrosion. We do this by properly sealing your system from the atmosphere to avoid harmful pipe breakdown or bacteria build-up.
  • Feedwater treatment: Even the best systems experience some water loss due to valves, seal leakages, and general flow. When this occurs, we must add make-up water to restore system pressure.  However, this water may have a different pH, so Chemstar WATER provides additional treatment to ensure that the feedwater matches the optimal requirements when entering the system. 
  • Neutralization: feedwater may contain hardness agents and harmful gasses; our treatment will help neutralize them so they do not deteriorate your system. 
  • Seasonal Treatment: with each system comes new external temperature demands on your system. In summer, many plants go idle, leading to dangerous bacteria and microbiological growth if left untreated. That’s why we recommend a routine maintenance plan of at least 2x a year to prevent the build-up of stagnant water that may foul your system. Read our blog, and the ASHRAE 188 guidance on the recommended cleaning windows and system treatment.

Our Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Water treatment for boilers, chillers & cooling services include these and more:

    • Treatment for scaling, corrosion, biological fouling, silica removal
    • Cooling Tower and Condenser tube-sheet cleaning
    • Treatment for scaling, corrosion, biological fouling, silica removal
    • Mitigation and prevention of Legionella in water systems
    • On-site hypochlorite and monochloramine solutions
    • Water reuse system design, wastewater treatment utility water reuse systems, cooling water blowdown recycling
    • Capacity Deionization, Microfiltration (MF) housing, and filters, Ultra-filtration (UF) skid system, Reverse Osmosis (RO) skid system, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Specialty Resins
    • Coagulants and Flocculants to treat the wastewater and tailings ponds

New Construction Water Treatment

Chemstar WATER is a trusted partner of engineers and contractors. Our chief priority is to support you, our partners in the construction realm. We understand the pressure to design systems that optimize water and energy consumption on a tight schedule. We make it easy to integrate by using the necessary specifications, documentation, and drawings. Furthermore, we are ready to accommodate an ever-changing schedule and can work to the stringent timelines your project requires.

Learn more about our new construction services here.

Educational Institutions Water Treatment

Millions of students and staff across the nation depend on proper water treatment for their water fountains, restrooms, and the heating and cooling of classrooms in their schools, universities, and administrative buildings. Proper water treatment plans must ensure these critical services function optimally without downtime to keep them safe. 

Chemstar WATER’s educational water treatment program looks at your total system, not just the chemical delivery side. We will help you design a unique plan to minimize costs and maximize efficiency with negligible dependence on water and energy. Our maintenance programs also take care of your investment with regular monitoring of your system to avoid premature equipment failure or repair costs. We know you have a lot to take care of, and we will guarantee you peace of mind by ensuring your water treatment system is monitored and maintained and providing safe heating, cooling, and potable water to your students and staff. 

To support your success, Chemstar WATER Superior Service offers the following:

  • Reduced chemical usage by utilizing equipment or solids rather than chemicals
  • Hands-free delivery of chemicals so that none of the university staff will handle chemicals
  • Sustainable Water Treatment Programs, such as using and installing on-site hypochlorite generators instead of biocides utilizing food-grade salt on-site, on-demand
  • Water Management Safety Program to ensure potable water treatment is well maintained to minimize Legionella.

Source of Legionnaires Disease

Often the primary source of Legionnaires Disease is determined to be the aerosolization of Legionella through showerheads; however, the aerosolized droplets from cooling towers carried through the building’s fresh air intake and those in ice machines may also pose a potential Legionella threat. Thus, comprehensive water treatment is critical for successful educational institution water treatment. 

ASHRAE 188 Standard

The ASHRAE 188 standard has outlined the buildings and systems that are most at risk of harboring Legionella. As Chemstar WATER, our goal is to guide our customers toward best practices that will minimize the threat of Legionella in their systems.  We strive to help our customers combat Legionnaires’ Disease and help them identify the risks associated with it.

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“We have been using Chemstar WATER for the last seven years with great results. I give them an A+ for their overall program including consistent negligible rates for corrosion. My account manager’s knowledge, experience and enduring professionalism is unmatched.”

– Chris Guay, Chief Engineer for Oxford Management


We have been tailoring water treatment programs specifically designed for each building’s cooling systems, boiler systems and water make-up for decades. With our 20,000 square feet chemical manufacturing blending plant and a dedicated laboratory, we are well-positioned to tailor solutions to meet your needs quickly. As a result, we can easily install equipment and implement water treatment programs matching to any specifications.

Chemstar Water Service


We provide 24/7 technical assistance in less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the region we serve. We also provide a hands-free service, unlike any other water treatment companies, regarding delivering chemicals to the point of use, installing, and maintaining equipment without any subcontractors.


Our level of service sets us apart. With our Service Technicians and Engineers as well as our Technical Staff, Chemstar WATER has the largest footprint in the region it serves. Click to watch our video.


All our Service Technicians and Engineers receive periodic training and are Certified Water Technologist (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) making them water treatment subject matter experts. CWT is the industry’s highest level of recognition, certification, and achievement.  They have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to provide the highest standards of service to and oversight of boilers and chillers. They pride themselves on making facilities as efficient as possible using the latest water treatment technology.  They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, maintain product inventories, and check-in and out with key plant personnel when onsite.

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