Hyperscale Datacenter


All condenser water systems are susceptible to corrosion and microbial contamination during idle operation. When water stagnates for a long period of time, the chemicals that protect against corrosion, bacteria, and/or biofilm can completely dissipate. Legionella proliferates during these conditions. This Hyperscale customer asked Chemstar WATER in 2018 to provide service and maintenance on their evaporative cooling equipment so that risk-free operation could be accomplished regarding the cooling system.


Chemstar WATER services provide a continuous service for the following:

  • Maintaining and servicing the equipment related to biocides in order to control and eradicate Legionella
  • Sampling and testing of Legionella
  • Providing winterization of all the water tanks and equipment related to direct evaporative cooling systems
  • Provide consultation on improving Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) and Power Unit Effectiveness (PUE) regarding direct evaporative cooling make-up and blowdown

The customer has achieved a good microbiological control and corrosion within its evaporative cooling systems.