Hyperscale Data Center


All condenser water systems are susceptible to corrosion and microbial contamination during idle operation. When water stagnates for a long period of time, the chemicals that protect against corrosion, bacteria, and/or biofilm can completely dissipate. The risk of Legionella is high under these conditions.

In 2018, this Hyperscale Date Center operator asked Chemstar WATER to provide service and maintenance on their evaporative cooling system so that risk-free operation of the cooling system could be accomplished.


Chemstar WATER is able to provide a full suite of services for this customer including:

  • Maintaining and servicing the equipment related to biocides in order to control and mitigate Legionella
  • Sampling and testing of DC make-up water
  • Providing winterization / de-winterization of all the water tanks and water treatment equipment
  • Providing consultation on improving water usage effectiveness (WUE) and power unit effectiveness (PUE) regarding direct evaporative cooling make-up and blowdown


The customer has achieved good microbiological and corrosion control within its evaporative cooling systems.

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