Medical Center


Every summer a Mid-Atlantic Medical Center would experience increasing approach temperatures, loss of efficiency, and eventual emergency shutdown due to a buildup of slime deposits on the condenser tubes. The problem was peculiar because the growth only occurred at one building and not the other 3 sets of cooling towers at their other buildings. Continuous feeding of hypochlorite with additional microbiocides and bio-dispersants could not cost-effectively control the biofilm growth in the summertime. Different approaches were attempted to prevent biofouling and the unplanned shutdowns and cleanings. The one factor that made this cooling system unique from the other systems was the presence of a helicopter landing pad near the tower.


The Medical Center contracted with Chemstar WATER to take care of their water treatment. After assessing the magnitude and difficulty of the problem Chemstar WATER established its strict water management program that included:

• Water safety management program for legionella mitigation
• Treatment program minimizing the delivery and storage of hazardous chemicals at customer sites
• Use of non-toxic chemicals for water treatment
• Providing a Green technology that reduces carbon emissions


After three months of operating the biofilm was removed, chlorine residual achieved, and water quality was maintained through the following summer with minimal biofilm growth. The customer has achieved a good microbiological and corrosion control within its evaporative cooling systems.