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We deliver the best in water treatment service.

Once your plan is in place, then you’ll experience the 5-star treatment. See how we stand out from the competition with our dedicated technicians, 24-7 reporting, end-to-end chemical delivery and installation, and more.

We meet the mission-critical nature of your facility.

We have unparalleled water treatment experience across industries. For the last two decades, we have been supporting mission-critical government facilities. We have earned their trust by providing safe water and continuous heating and cooling services they can depend on 24-7. Our work in high-security environments—with demanding deadlines and stringent procedures—means we operate at world-class levels with precision, speed, and dedication to service.

Water Treatment Service Footprint

Chemstar Water is synonymous with the highest quality of service

Our water technicians are not pool boys or drum kickers. We are water experts with the certification to prove it (all our Service Technicians and Engineers receive thorough training and are Certified Water Technologists (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).

Highly Educated: This means your designated water technician has a background in physics and chemistry or comes from an adjacent field with degrees in chemistry or the life sciences. Because we believe there’s no substitute for knowledge or experience, we pay dearly for our technician force. Thus, our service price cost may not be the lowest price.  Our prices cannot compete with a company that hires people without qualifications and pays them ⅓ of what we pay our team.

Watch our Experts:


Flexible to Meet Demand: We maintain reasonable and flexible water technician schedules to manage emergencies and call-back times as our customers rely on us. We oversee service capacity very carefully to ensure enough room.

Routine Maintenance: Because regular calibration is vital to ensuring the accuracy of the data and the quality of our solution, we perform frequent calibration of our testing instruments.

Analytical: We are a metrics-driven service organization. We are not focused on metrics for metrics’ sake. You will never see our technicians rushing through an account to meet a value-efficiency ratio. We will serve you the best we can to ensure you have peace of mind and the solutions you require. 3-We provide you with ANY of the latest technology available in the marketplace.

Chemstar WATER tests and treats water for the highest customer safety

We believe in being OEM agnostic and that’s why we don’t own technologies.

Instead of pushing a particular piece of equipment, we will help pair you with the right solution that meets your needs.

Chemstar WATER is agile and timely.

We have structured our company with the right team, hubs, and systems to stay agile. We have a robust local presence without a multi-layered organization clogged with bureaucracy. We respond to your problems with products or services within hours (instead of days).

feed water treatment

The most sustainable water treatment service solution

We don’t peddle chemicals or drop them off at your dock. We serve you with more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable programs. Our goal is to marry equipment with chemicals (as opposed to just chemicals) in providing a complete solution.

Proper water treatment services provide the best protection of multi-million-dollar assets. By hiring the best water treatment company, you can be assured that your investments are maintained.

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