Why should you have an effective Water Treatment at your Facility? (NEW VIDEO)

Watch our latest video to see why effective water treatment is essential to protect your most critical and valuable assets.



Watch the video above, or read the transcript here:

As you run your manufacturing plant, power plant, data center, hospital, hotel, or commercial building, you continually seek ways to MINIMIZE YOUR operational RISKS.

Risks may include any of the following:

  • increased energy usage and water consumption, due perhaps to waterside HVAC scaling issues
  • shortened asset life of your capital equipment due to corrosion
  • a major production shutdown or an outage due to equipment fouling
  • or a waterside microbiological health & safety citation
  • or a lawsuit due to Legionnaire’s disease

Any of these problems would cost you a fortune and a loss of reputation. Your goal is to do what is necessary to run your operations efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimum risk.

Just last year a data center had to spend a sump close to $2 million for repairs and replacements of HVAC equipment. Worse, the cost of the downtime was over $20 million!

For many different types of equipment you run, ultimately you are looking for water experts with first-class troubleshooting abilities, who will provide you with peace of mind.

The answer is Chemstar WATER.

We are your insurance policy to help you proactively work against any of these aforementioned risks.

For over two decades, many national organizations have been trusting us because we have delivered lowered operating costs, freedom from risk, and peace of mind, with our certified technologists, chemists, engineers ….because they collectively have the ability to troubleshoot issues before any major serious risk develops.

Chemstar WATER delivers because of the skills and the abilities of our people. Our team will be there to support, train and help you manage your systems proactively. We essentially place our outstanding RISK MANAGERS on your team!

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can deliver peace of mind to you and make you look like a hero.