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Since 1999, we’ve provided green treatment solutions and blacker bottom lines.

Your trusted partner for data center water treatment, Chemstar WATER, has been providing solutions to many hyperscale and colocation providers. Our water treatment solutions include modular water treatment equipment, cooling water treatment, and microbiological control services including Legionella pneumophila mitigation. Our mission is to support the fast and agile deployment of data centers as well as achieve excellent water and power usage effectiveness during the operational phase.

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“Chemstar WATER’s understanding of our ecosystem and what our Data Centers require from our water treatment partnership was amazing. You were able to meet our Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost objectives while producing KPIs to ensure we measured performance effectively.”

– a hyperscale data center sourcing director

Chemstar WATER's Mission Critical Support serving many health care facilities


With its dedicated personnel, low overhead, flat organization, and lean processes, Chemstar WATER:

  • Provides 24/7 live support by a certified technician
  • Deploys emergency response personnel within hours
  • Responds to your RFQ within days
  • Signs master service agreement within weeks
  • Tests and adapts to new technologies within months
Chemstar WATER have a strong local footprint for maintaining resiliency


Chemstar WATER has coast-to-coast service coverage. Most of our technical staff are certified water treatment professionals that are supported by periodic internal and external training. We are ready to provide you with consulting, service, and support for anything related to water treatment. Our services include:

  • Legionella Sampling, Testing, and Mitigation
  • Water Management & Safety Plan
  • Monitor your make-up water quality 24/7
  • Emergency mobile softener, RO equipment
  • Improve Power Unit Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Improve Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE)
  • Water & Asset Management Program
Chemstar WATER offers OEM Agnostic and ready to syndicate new technologies


Chemstar WATER has proven to solve a barrage of customer challenges by bringing and adapting to the latest technologies in order to help achieve customers’ safety, quality, schedule, and cost goals. We believe, when it comes to water, it is the service solution, not only the technology, our customers need. You focus on your data and we will focus on helping you improve your water and cooling effectiveness. We provide water treatment for:

  • Direct Evaporative or Adiabatic Cooling Systems
  • Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems
  • Sterilization and Potable Water Treatment
  • Innovative Glycol solutions for Closed Loop Systems
  • Water Treatment Equipment Maintenance
Chemstar WATER operates in high-security clearance (SCIF) environment for your security needs


Chemstar WATER is the largest service provider to high-security clearance government and military facilities in the regions it services. Almost all Chemstar WATER staff has security clearance from top government facilities and have engraved culture regarding how to operate in that environment to meet your security or SCIF needs.

With your data security in mind and being equipment agnostic, we work across many different controller platforms. As a result, we have the ability to tie our data to your onsite system without taking it outside of your firewall.

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