New GSA Order for Government Facilities: Navigating the Changes with Chemstar WATER

As a leading expert in water treatment services, Chemstar WATER is here to guide you through the recent General Services Administration (GSA) Order dated November 16, 2023. This directive, applicable to federally owned buildings exceeding 1,000 GSF, introduces rigorous new standards for water quality testing in cooling towers and domestic potable water systems, both cold and hot. The order marks a significant move towards enhanced water safety measures across the nation, especially with its requirement for monthly cooling tower Legionella testing.

Understanding the Requirements

The GSA Order stipulates that water quality testing must be conducted by professionals possessing the ASSE12080 certification. This certification ensures adherence to stringent water testing standards and protocols, emphasizing the development of comprehensive Water Management Plans. For more information on the standards and certifications, visit our ASSE12080 certification page.

Chemstar WATER: Your Partner in Compliance

Navigating these new requirements can be challenging for facility and project managers in Operations & Maintenance (O&M) companies. Chemstar WATER, with over two decades of experience in water testing services, stands ready to assist your organization in adapting to these changes. Our expertise spans potable and cooling water systems, ensuring your facilities meet these evolving standards.

Our team of technicians, fully compliant with the latest standards including ASSE12080, is committed to providing exceptional service. We ensure your facilities not only meet but maintain compliance with these regulations. Learn more about our water testing services.

Contact Us for Support

Chemstar WATER is here to address your queries and provide necessary support for these new requirements. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Rely on Chemstar WATER’s Expertise

With our deep-rooted experience and unwavering commitment to water quality and safety, Chemstar WATER is your trusted partner in navigating this new regulatory landscape. Our professional and dependable services are designed to lead you smoothly through these changes.

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