NFMT 2022 Baltimore’s Facility Manager Show

The NFMT 2022 Show just passed in March.

We’ve been reflecting on what we’ve learned and all the great industry facility managers we met. The show was a success and we’re already planning for next year. We hope you’ll join us.

For those new to the industry the NFMT here’s a little background:

  • What does NFMT stand for?
    • National Facilities Management and Technology
    • They host multiple shows around the country a year, with this key one being held in March in Baltimore.
    • To learn more about the organizers as well as the event itself, check out:
  • Who attends?
    •  Facility managers and operators from across the country who want to connect with their peers, suppliers and colleagues to see the latest in developments, technology and infrastructure.
  • The best part?
    • Free for facility managers! As an exhibitor, Chemstar WATER can supply you, our valuable clients, with a free registration link so you can attend at no cost!
Cem Candir speaking at the Product Zone

What we learned at the show:

  • It’s a great place to see what’s new in the industry…
  • There’s nothing like seeing you face to face! Due to the pandemic, our in-person contact has been limited to our technician visits. So it was great to actually meet up, catch up, and introduce you to the rest of our team. There’s nothing like putting a name to a face, and getting to share some laughs over happy hour.
  • Many of those walking by didn’t realize water treatment was a part of the show; however, once we got to chatting the need was clear….
  • There’s more work to be done on legionella awareness. Our CEO Cem Candir was given the chance to present a critical topic for facility managers: bacterial risk and prevention of waterborne illness. In his talk: “Are you ready to combat legionella?” Cem explained that every year, on average, a thousand people die in the United States due to contracting Legionella. As facility managers, Chemstar WATER understands the challenge of meeting operational goals while preventing any major headaches down the road. He talked through the proactive actions today to prevent Legionella contamination of your potable water systems.
    • If you or your team would like to better understand what Legionella is, and how a comprehensive water management plan (WMP) with a strict operating rhythm can make a difference, then please contact us as we’d be happy to sit down with your team and share our findings as well as the changes in legislation surrounding Legionella.
A few of our great Chemstar WATER team at the show

We will be there next year and look forward to seeing you there, so save the date for:

NFMT 2023!

March 21 – 23, 2023 | Baltimore Convention Center | Baltimore, MD

But no need to wait until next year. If you have questions or would like to chat more about your HVAC system contact us today!