Servicing the Mid-Atlantic

Expanding Service

You may have known Chemstar Water for years as one of our long-term Baltimore clients, but did you know that we also service much of the Mid-Atlantic?*

And we’re not exaggerating…we service almost every major industry you can think of that needs water management services. If you look around we’re in:

  • The major hospitals, healthcare centers, and senior living facilities.
  • Rapidly expanding data centers and hyperscale and colocation operators.
  • Well-known D.C. government buildings as well as the military bases.
  • Your favorite bakeries and food establishments (most likely the bread you are eating might have been made by the water treated by us!).
  • Not to mention we’re in the new builds on construction sites, industrial sites and your local property manager may use us.

* When we say we’re servicing the mid-Atlantic, we mean water treatment services across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.

We treat the Mid-Atlantic
Chemstar Water now services the Mid-Atlantic across the majority of data centers, bakeries, government buildings, and surrounding military bases, as well as nearly 1/3 of all hospitals in the region.

Chemstar WATER offers unparalleled service to the Mid-Atlantic Region

No matter whether you’re commercial, industrial or military our services are designed to match your particular needs with the right solutions. Our goal is to find a sustainable and cost-effective plan for you with 24-7 service and unparalleled reporting and expertise. We don’t want to just treat our water; we want to treat you better.