AWS Expands Presence in Data Center Alley

Rapid Data Center Industry Growth Out East

For years, northern Virginia has been a hot spot for the growing data center industry. While this region has many monikers — the Dulles Technology Corridor, Netplex, Data Center Alley — no matter what it is called, or where one draws the lines, it is quickly becoming the “Silicon Valley of the East Coast.”

To put the scale of this region into perspective there are nearly 18 million square feet of data centers handling 70% of global internet traffic, and it’s only up from here. In fact, not even the coronavirus pandemic will slow down development. There have been seven new applications via the Loudoun County “Fast-Track Commercial Development Program” since March 2020 for large-scale data centers.

Spotlight on AWS Data Centers

AWS is often at the center of the conversation here and is making headlines yet again, announcing their intentions to add another 2.5 million square feet of data center capacity to their already massive footprint in the region.

With all this new development, companies are hard-pressed to meet deadlines, deliver service to data-hungry customers, and do it all while maximizing efficiency and minimizing their carbon footprints.

Chemstar WATER Provides Water Treatment Capabilities for Data Centers

Chemstar WATER is uniquely positioned in the region to come alongside these companies to help achieve goals in maximizing efficiencies for data center water treatment. Our team of technicians is spread across our service area, offering industry-leading ability to respond to the needs of our customers. Whether you have an emergency and need a technician to come immediately, or if it is a routine service appointment, we are close by.

Whether you are looking for clean water solutions for your building site, a tailored water treatment plan for cooling your shiny new data center, or keeping pesky microbiological activity out of your space, let us maximize your efficiency, minimize your headaches, and offer you a fantastic service experience.

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