Why Chemstar WATER is an Essential Business

Diverse group of workers at manufacturing plant

Mission-Critical Water Treatment Solutions

Chemstar WATER is an essential business providing mission-critical services to hospitals, eldercare facilities, major food producers, and mission-critical data centers operating in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington DC. Chemstar WATER treats the water for the potable systems, incoming water, cooling towers and boilers. We disinfect the potable water used in hospitals and eldercare facilities. We ensure proper air quality and temperature control is achieved for hospitals and their ICU units. We ensure the boilers operate for the major bakeries. We also treat the water to cool major mission-critical data centers of major data infrastructure.

Servicing the Mid-Atlantic Region

Chemstar WATER currently provides services to roughly 1/3 of hospitals and eldercare facilities, 4/5 of bread makers and 1/5 of data centers in the region. If Chemstar Water cannot provide services, it would lead to the closure of hospitals, eldercare facilities, or data centers.

Water-Solutions Company

Chemstar WATER is a total water solutions company based in Baltimore, employing 30 local employees with a specialty chemical and equipment manufacturing in a 20,000 sqft space. Most of our employees are highly skilled water treaters servicing the region.