Chemstar WATER NonStop Water Treatment Reporting

Water Management is a 24/7 job, that’s why Chemstar WATER offers clients round-the-clock water treatment monitoring and automated reporting as part of our service packages. Our premium experience goes well beyond the conventional water treatment which starts at chemical delivery and stops are your delivery dock. Instead, we’re a full-service company: keeping your system flowing from installation to next iteration. We take a holistic approach with custom applications for the best treatment for your situation with comprehensive chemical support and monitoring. We take the burden of maintaining safe, compliant, and clean water off of your team and put it in our expert hands.

Let us show you what our expertise alongside our automated water treatment reporting can do for you.

Expertise Makes a Difference

Our technicians are extensively trained and certified to advise on your total system from equipment care to innovative opportunities to keep your system running at its fullest. Our teams know what to look for and can spot issues before they turn into system delays. We’ve seen the benefits of good maintenance and active management and that’s why we’re advocates of advanced reporting and continuous oversight. Monitoring is not just about trendy big data or beautiful reports but about efficiency. It also makes good economic sense to maintain them routinely and expertly.


Protecting Your Investment

Boiler and cooling water is a huge capital investment with the annual water and energy costs of these systems being many more times the cost of the equipment.  Even small reductions in inefficiency due to poor water treatment translate into large increases in operating costs. For example, a 1/16″ of scale in a 500 HP boiler operating at 40% load can increase the annual fuel costs by over $80,0000. A 1/32″ of microbiological fouling in a 500-ton chiller can increase annual electricity costs by over $47,000. It goes without saying that protecting your core asset is critical to keeping net operating expenses minimized.


Why is water treatment reporting and monitoring important?

There are savings to be had when we monitor more frequently. Close attention to changes in your system can prevent excessive water loss, catch fluctuations in conductivity, or alert you to a bleed valve issue. Systems left unchecked can at a minimum create inefficiency and increased water or energy bills or in the most unfavorable situations, things go so afoul that an entire set of equipment is damaged and has to be replaced. Our goal is to minimize downtime with preventative maintenance and vigilant care.

Chemstar WATER NonStop Reporting

What is Chemstar WATER NONSTOP Water Treatment Reporting?

  • We provide the best in the industry control, in part because our data gives us a continuous review of your critical systems.
  • With the installation of a remote controller (be it a new system or an existing one) your team and ours will be able to accurately review all your systems– from anywhere. ​
  • You have access to a dashboard to check when you want, pull your own reports, and keep eyes on your system.
  • Each of our reports is based on:
    • Live reporting on water quality testing
    • An easily installed controller that relays data via an established internet connection​
    • Customizable dashboard  for optimized chemical usage and operating parameters
    • Chemstar WATER’s commitment to using PTSA for accurate load based chemical feed


How to take advantage of it

Interested in exploring what this could look like for your system?  We’d be happy to get you started just ask your technician about it or contact us now.