Chemstar WATER scours the industry for new technologies to bring the lowest cost, most sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to its customers. Chemstar WATER’s position as being OEM agnostic allows it to find the best technology to provide the right solution to meet the customers’ requirements.

Because the evaporative cooling systems are designed to evaporate water, they directly affect the water consumption and water savings of the plant. One of the ways to optimize cooling systems is to pretreat the incoming make-up water to remove divalent ions that would eventually increase the cycles of concentration in the cooling tower and reduce water consumption. Due to the lower recovery rates, such systems make limited improvements. Chemstar WATER has jointly developed an electrodialysis reversal-based system to improve the cycles on the concentration of a cooling tower by pretreating the make-up and recovering the cooling tower blowdown, achieving significant levels of water savings.

Chemstar WATER can also help you obtain an additional LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit as a result of this improvement in the cooling water systems.

Furthermore, we help improve your energy and carbon footprint by reducing the use of chemicals utilizing on-site, on-demand, chemical generation systems, such as on-site mixed oxidant generators, hypochlorite generators, and many others. These on-site generation systems are not only environmentally friendly but also significantly safer than hazardous chemicals.