Government & Institutions


Defending the water systems of the Defenders of our country.

Since 1999, Chemstar WATER has been a trusted partner for government buildings, military bases, leading institutions, and universities. Chemstar WATER retains its oldest customers in this space and is still the largest water treatment provider for government and military facilities in the region it serves. Chemstar WATER actively hires veterans and trains them to be the next generation of water treatment experts. As a result, we are in a great position to understand and support our customers’ water treatment requirements.

“Chemstar WATER has always been outstanding in responding to phone calls and or emails pertaining to our central plant. Here we are a 24/7 365 controlled plant and our heating and cooling is very important to mission success and when we have had conductivity issues or thinking a piece of equipment may be failing, Chemstar WATER responds quickly on the matter.”

– Billy LiCalzi, Plant Manager, U.S. Army Laboratory at Adelphi


As we serve military bases and research facilities, we understand the mission-critical nature of our customers in this space. As a result, we provide 24/7 technical assistance and less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the regions we serve. Furthermore, we provide a hands-free service, unlike any other water treatment companies, regarding delivering chemicals to the point of use, installing, and maintaining equipment without any subcontractors.


Chemstar WATER has been serving high-security clearance facilities for decades. Chemstar WATER requires its employees to go through a rigorous background check to obtain and maintain high-security clearance.


Chemstar WATER can help you write and implement a Water Management Program to set up internal procedures to prevent the occurrence of Legionella Pneumophila in your water systems.


Chemstar WATER scours the industry for new technologies to bring the lowest cost, most sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to its customers. Chemstar WATER’s position as being OEM agnostic allows it to find the best technology to provide the right solution to meet the customers’ requirements.

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