Healthcare Water Treatment

Healthcare Water Treatment

Healthcare Water Treatment

Raise a thick, nitrile-gloved-hand if you’re tired of handling your own chemicals.

Healthcare Water Treatment

Water treatment for healthcare facilities requires both expertise and outstanding service capability. Chemstar WATER has been the trusted partner for numerous medical centers, critical care facilities, senior care facilities, and nursing homes for over two decades. We understand the need for these facilities to provide the highest level of safety, and care for their clientele, which is why we take the utmost care when providing healthcare water treatment for our customers. At Chemstar WATER our job is to give the facilities our continuous consideration and attention while helping them maintain their potable water systems and their heating and cooling systems. We also partner with healthcare customers to educate about Legionnaires’s Disease and to develop Legionella Control Program, Water Management Programs, Risk Assessments, and continuous testing to mitigate risks and prevent outbreaks.

Read how Chemstar WATER helped safely combat Legionnaires Disease at a major medical center in Virginia. View our Healthcare Water Treatment case study.

Why are Healthcare facilities more susceptible to Legionnaires Disease?

Outbreaks are more common in large and complex cooling systems and potable systems, like those in hospitals and health care facilities. People most at risk are those with weakened immune systems, current or former smokers, those with lung conditions, and are over 65. The ensuing complications lead to respiratory failure, septic shock, and acute kidney failure. Given that hospitals and other healthcare facilities have patients that fall into overlapping high-risk categories, there is a much higher risk of spreading Legionnaires Disease and causing a Legionella outbreak.

Source of Legionnaires Disease

Often the primary source of Legionnaires Disease is determined to be the aerosolization of Legionella through showerheads; however, the aerosolized droplets from cooling towers carried through the hospital’s fresh air intake as well as those in ice machines may also pose potential Legionella threat. Thus, comprehensive water treatment is key for a successful healthcare water treatment.

ASHRAE 188 Standard

While Legionnaires Disease outbreaks are more common in healthcare facilities due to high-risk occupants, Legionella is just as likely to be found in office buildings, apartment buildings, and industrial cooling systems. It is also found in any potable water system, especially when some faucets and showers are not regularly in use. The ASHRAE 188 standard has outlined for us the buildings and systems that are most at risk to harbor Legionella. As Chemstar WATER, our goal is to guide our customers towards best practices that will minimize the threat of Legionella in their systems. We strive to help our customers combat Legionnaires Disease and help them identify risks associated with it.

Benefits of a healthcare water treatment solution

Routine maintenance is needed for any industrial water treatment system; however, it’s exceptionally critical for healthcare facilities. See how often our experts recommend that you check your plumbing to ensure clean, safe, efficient water delivery in our healthcare news update.

Healthcare Water Management Program (WMP)

Did you know? Chemstar WATER partners with world-renowned experts and provides WMPs for you, our healthcare customers?
Updated guidance from the Joint Commission, in line with CDC, ANSI/ASHRAE STANDARD 188-2018, LEGIONELLOSIS: RISK MANAGEMENT FOR BUILDING WATER SYSTEMS, require that in 2022 most hospitals, critical care, senior care, and health services implement Legionnaires Disease water management programs. The revised standards itemize what companies can do to protect the quality of water and therefore the quality of life they serve.

At Chemstar WATER we offer formalized guidance in helping our healthcare customers create the Water Management Program (WMP) along with an additional in-depth Water Management Risk Analysis (WMRA). We work with customers to establish their first set of plans and existing customers to update their current documents. We partner with national infection disease and pathogen control consultants and experts to provide our healthcare customers with the most up-to-date information. By teaming up with external experts, you get the added credibility of world-renowned specialists alongside Chemstar WATER’s industry expertise.

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“Chemstar WATER has been doing a great job, both with routine service and following up on emergent issues. You have been proactive in notifying us with the issues and quickly responded to any questions I had, which allowed us to get out in front of the issue. Overall, the level of service has been excellent.”

– Facilities Manager, a major Hospital in Maryland


As we have been serving many health care facilities, we understand the mission-critical nature of our customers in this space. We provide 24/7 technical assistance in less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the regions we serve.

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Chemstar WATER can help you write and implement a Water Management Program to set up internal procedures in order to prevent the occurrence of Legionella Pneumophila in your water systems.

We handle everything


Chemstar WATER uses either chemical-free solutions or concentrated forms of chemicals so that we can minimize the delivery of chemicals through your facility. Unlike most water treatment companies, Chemstar WATER has its own delivery team and trucks, taking the chemicals all the way to the point of use, so that our customers do not have to handle any chemicals.

Water Treatment Service Footprint


All of our Service Technicians and Engineers are trained directly by Certified Water Technologists (CWT), who are part of our company. They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, maintain product inventories, and provide in-plant discussions.

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