Healthcare Water Treatment

Healthcare Water Treatment

Chemstar WATER your trusted partner in Healthcare Water Treatment Solutions in Baltimore, MD and all neighboring cities

Raise a thick, nitrile-gloved-hand if you’re tired of handling your own chemicals.

Chemstar WATER is the trusted partner, providing complete water treatment services to major hospitals, hospital groups, healthcare, and senior living facilities in our region.  We understand the need for these facilities to provide the highest level of safety and sanitation to their clientele, which is why we take the utmost care when creating solutions for our customers in this space. Chemstar WATER’s job is to help facilities provide continuous care while helping them maintain their heating and cooling systems as well as mitigate any microbial contamination regarding their potable and cooling systems, especially Legionella Pneumophila.

“Chemstar WATER has been doing a great job, both with routine service and following up on emergent issues. You have been proactive in notifying us with the issues and quickly responded to any questions I had, which allowed us to get out in front of the issue. Overall, the level of service has been excellent.”

– Facilities Manager, a major Hospital in Maryland

Chemstar WATER's Mission Critical Support serving many health care facilities


As we have been serving many health care facilities, we understand the mission-critical nature of our customers in this space. We provide 24/7 technical assistance in less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the regions we serve.

Microbiological Control - Chemstar WATER


Chemstar WATER can help you write and implement a Water Management Program to set up internal procedures in order to prevent the occurrence of Legionella Pneumophila in your water systems.

No Chemical Handling - Chemstar WATER


Chemstar WATER uses either chemical-free solutions or concentrated forms of chemicals so that we can minimize the delivery of chemicals through your facility. Unlike most water treatment companies, Chemstar WATER has its own delivery team and trucks, taking the chemicals all the way to the point of use, so that our customers do not have to handle any chemicals.

Trusted Advisors - All Chemstar WATER's service technicians and engineers are trained directly by certified water technologists (CWT), who are part of our company


All of our Service Technicians and Engineers are trained directly by Certified Water Technologists (CWT), who are part of our company. They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, maintain product inventories, and provide in-plant discussions.

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