Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment

Most water treatment companies just sell chemicals. We’re not like most water treatment companies.

Industrial Water Treatment

Water treatment is utilized across almost all heating, cooling, cleaning, and rinsing processes in the industrial sector to increase efficiency. That’s why we believe in servicing every step of the journey, from an initial water systems evaluation to providing equipment, chemicals, maintenance, and monitoring.

As Chemstar WATER, we are very familiar with your multifaceted challenge of managing operating costs within the budget, all while preventing any significant headaches down the road. We understand you want to avoid any risk of severe damage to your plant, and you are looking for partners with the expertise to troubleshoot problems. You also need someone aware of the critical nature of the water treatment system and capable of resolving issues expediently. If all goes well, you also want to make sure your industrial water treatment provider brings you environmentally friendly solutions.

Industrial plants encounter major problems with corrosion, scale, and microbiological control in their cooling tower water systems, boilers, heat exchangers, air scrubbers, process water intake, and wastewater treatment, including the tailings ponds.

Fully Integrated Equipment and Chemical Water Treatment Solutions

As Chemstar WATER, our focus is to provide you with corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and biocides and improve your concentration cycles to use less water and fewer chemicals and optimize your operating costs. Chemstar WATER stands out in the industry as one the best because we fully integrate water treatment equipment solutions with chemical solutions, providing integrated solutions. We can mechanically take out the impurities and dissolved solids to increase your cycles of concentration significantly. This is something you would not be able to achieve with chemicals alone.

24-7 Service and Support with Chemstar WATER

As industry veterans, we know the essential nature and urgency when issues arise. We offer you peace of mind as we are prepared 24-7 to respond rapidly, professionally, and thoroughly. We will resolve your issues so they do not happen again. Our certified water treatment consultants and application engineers are ready to review your processes and implement the best possible water reuse systems.

Going on more than two decades, Chemstar WATER continues to be the leader in delivering your commercial water treatment needs. We are committed to continuous improvement at all company levels and focus on providing water treatment expertise to many mission-critical government facilities, such as large military bases with cogeneration plants. Our service-first mentality means we’ve adapted to deploying technical experts within minutes and providing emergency equipment to customers within a matter of hours. We built our organizational structure with virtually no bureaucracy.

Finally, we also understand your focus on safety. Chemstar WATER has had experience in replacing hazardous chemicals, including high-risk biocides, with environmentally friendly products.

Read our Industrial Water Treatment case study here on how we replaced biocides with equipment.

Industrial Water Treatment Industries We Work With

  • Power Producers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Manufacturers
  • District Energy Facilities
  • Downstream Oil & Gas
  • Syngas Producers

Our Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Water treatment for boilers, chillers & cooling services include these and more:

    • Treatment for scaling, corrosion, biological fouling, silica removal
    • Cooling Tower and Condenser tube-sheet cleaning
    • Treatment for scaling, corrosion, biological fouling, silica removal
    • Mitigation and prevention of Legionella in water systems
    • On-site hypochlorite and monochloramine solutions
    • Water reuse system design, wastewater treatment utility water reuse systems, cooling water blowdown recycling
    • Capacity Deionization, Microfiltration (MF) housing, and filters, Ultra-filtration (UF) skid system, Reverse Osmosis (RO) skid system, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Specialty Resins
    • Coagulants and Flocculants to treat the wastewater and tailings ponds

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“Chemstar WATER’s performance has been outstanding, 25-year old boilers and chillers have less than 1% tube failure. Recent eddy current testing of chiller tube bundles showed we should achieve 45-year life!”

– Don Kuney at Pentagon Central Heating and Cooling Plant


As we have been serving many industrial facilities, we understand the mission-critical nature of our customers in this space. We provide 24/7 technical assistance and less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the regions we serve. Furthermore, we provide a hands-free service, unlike any other water treatment companies, regarding delivering chemicals to the point of use, installing, and maintaining equipment without any subcontractors.


Our level of service sets us apart. With our Service Technicians and Engineers as well as our Technical Staff, Chemstar WATER has been providing an outstanding scale and corrosion control among its industrial customers. With our 20,000 square feet chemical manufacturing blending plant and a dedicated laboratory, we are well-positioned to tailor solutions to meet your needs.

Water Treatment Technology Agnostic


Chemstar WATER has proven to solve a barrage of customer challenges by bringing and adapting to the latest technologies in order to help achieve customers’ safety, quality, schedule, and cost goals. We believe, when it comes to water, it is the service solution, not only the technology, our customers need. You focus on your data and we will focus on helping you improve your water and cooling effectiveness.


All our Service Technicians and Engineers receive periodic training and are Certified Water Technologist (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) making them water treatment subject matter experts. CWT is the industry’s highest level of recognition, certification, and achievement. They have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to provide the highest standards of service to and oversight of boilers and chillers. They pride themselves on making facilities as efficient as possible using the latest water treatment technology. They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, product, and chemical inventories, and check-in and out with key plant personnel when onsite.

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