Food & Beverage Water Treatment

Food and Beverage Water Treatment

Data Center Water Treatment

Most water treatment companies only deliver chemicals as far as the loading dock. We’re not like most water treatment companies.

Food and Beverage Water Treatment

Food and beverage manufacturers are uniquely challenged with optimizing inventory, cost, supply chain disruptions, and safety while aiming to achieve the highest quality product. Chemstar WATER’s food and beverage water treatment approach will help you, the facility managers, and manufacturers meet needed water and energy efficiency while achieving critical local and federal environmental standards.

We at Chemstar WATER have been providing food and beverage water treatment solutions for over a decade now. Our team is fluent in the specific industry requirements and ready to provide consulting for any of your water or process-related needs.

Want to know more about Legionella? See where it originates and how to best mitigate and prevent it before it causes issues in your manufacturing plants, breweries, bakeries, or canneries.

Brewing Industry Water Treatment

The brewing industry faces multiple challenges, not least the foundation water for the brewing process. With the utilization of Chemstar WATER’s industry technologies, including filtration for suspended solids, ultra-filtration for microbiological control, granular activated carbon, and reverse osmosis, we can help maintain the proper foundation water you need to achieve the best taste you are looking for.

Beyond foundation water, we’ve seen that brewers face pasteurizer corrosion control, microbiological control, and wastewater biological oxygen demand reduction. Chemstar WATER can help with the right corrosion inhibitors, on-site mixed oxidant generator systems, and biological activation for wastewater treatment reducing these ongoing industry problems.

Lastly, especially at breweries, cooling water is bombarded with ammonia requiring special corrosion, scale, and microbiological control programs. Beyond resolving your ammonia issues, Chemstar WATER can help you achieve water and energy savings by significantly increasing the cycles of concentration of your chilled water system.

Chemstar WATER’s consultants will assist you with the following services and solutions:

Bakery Water Treatment

Commercial bakeries face many challenges, including maintaining the ever-changing feedwater quality and balancing the pH and conductivity that affect the yeast’s effectiveness and taste. Routine service must be implemented as the microbiological control of chillers, and cooling towers heightens with the increased organic load. To combat these, Chemstar WATER has established a comprehensive Bakery Water Treatment program to bring peace of mind to you. We have over a decade of experience providing the necessary water conditioning equipment and performing ongoing testing and monitoring to ensure product quality parameters are met.

Bakery Water Treatment Program includes:

Canning Water Treatment

The canning industry struggles daily with corrosion and microbiological control in their retorts and cookers. Chemstar WATER provides optimized solutions in microbiological control in a safe and environmentally friendly manner without affecting corrosion. Our net results? Canning facilities achieve the optimum canning water treatment.

  • Reduce can and cooker corrosion and fouling.
  • Improved microbiological control reducing reinfection potential.

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“Chemstar WATER eliminated any water quality-related shutdowns after coming on board in 2014. Our facility has been producing one of the tastiest and highest quality rolls in the market, thanks to the support of Chemstar WATER.”

– Facilities Leader of a Leading Bakery


For decades, Chemstar WATER has fine-tuned its offerings and tailored it to each of its food and beverage customers. We help our customers achieve their water quality requirements with the right use of products or technology. As a result, Chemstar WATER has been a trusted water solutions provider of many prominent food and beverage customers.

Chemical testing and analysis


We provide 24/7 technical assistance and less than 4 hours of emergency technical response in the regions we serve. Furthermore, we provide a hands-free service, unlike any other water treatment companies, regarding delivering chemicals to the point of use, installing, and maintaining equipment without any subcontractors.

Analytical lab


Chemstar WATER has been providing guidance, ongoing training to its customers as well as offer services including sampling, testing to achieve the best microbiological control programs in clean-in-place (CIP), pasteurization of bottles, can cooling and cooling tower applications.


Our level of service sets us apart. With our Service Technicians and Engineers as well as our Technical Staff, Chemstar WATER has been providing an outstanding scale and corrosion control among its industrial customers. With our 20,000 square feet chemical manufacturing blending plant and a dedicated laboratory, we are well-positioned to tailor solutions to meet your needs.

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