Mining Water Treatment

Mining Water Treatment

We believe in being environmental stewards who challenge the status quo.

Mining Water Treatment

Water covers three-quarters of the earth’s surface, yet only about three percent is freshwater. The rest is locked in glaciers, ice caps, or deep underground. Maintaining this scarce amount of available water is critical for our personal well-being and industrial and commercial economies, like the mining industry.


Specifically, water is vital to the mining industry for ore processing. Conservation via recycling, especially in remote mining locations, is important to ensure there’s enough water to go around. At Chemstar WATER, we bring expertise to foster stewardship of this critical resource, aligned with a focus first and foremost on safety which is key to a successful water treatment program.

Mining waste water treatment is needed for several reasons:

  1. Environmental protection: Mining operations can generate large quantities of waste water that contain dissolved minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants. If this waste water is not properly treated, it can have serious environmental impacts such as contamination of surface and ground water, harm to aquatic life, and degradation of soil quality.
  2. Resource recovery: Many mining operations generate valuable resources that can be recovered from the waste water. For example, metal ions can be extracted from waste water and recovered as metal compounds or pure metal.
  3. Compliance with regulations: In many countries, mining companies are required to treat their waste water to meet specific discharge standards before it can be released into the environment. These regulations are in place to protect the environment and public health.
  4. Social responsibility: Proper waste water treatment can help mining companies to be good corporate citizens and reduce the negative impacts of their operations on local communities and the environment.

Chemstar WATER Approach

Chemstar WATER understands that all mining waste streams are “not created equal” and that we must utilize our expertise to understand each independent process, choose the proper chemistries with extensive water chemistry testing, blend and feed those chemistries in the optimum locations, implement automation as needed and create a joint service plan to best meet the customer’s expectations.

At Chemstar WATER, we are equipped to serve these industries:

  • Aggregate
  • Coal
  • Phosphate
  • Specialty Minerals

We offer the right products for the right job:

  • Flocculants: products that effectively remove suspended solids and other contaminants from waste water, available in high-performance emulsion and dry powder forms
  • Coagulants: products that promote the formation of larger, heavier particles in waste water, available in organic and inorganic forms
  • pH modifiers: products that adjust the acidity or basicity of waste water to optimize treatment and improve efficiency
  • Heavy metal precipitants: products that effectively remove heavy metals from waste water
  • Defoamers and anti-foams: products that reduce the formation of foam during treatment, improving efficiency and effectiveness



We support the following mining applications:

  • Tailings management:
    • Thickeners: equipment used to increase the solids content of tailings, reducing the volume of water that needs to be treated or recycled
    • Clarifiers: equipment used to remove suspended solids and other contaminants from tailings, improving the clarity and quality of the water
  • Filtration aids:
    • Filters: equipment used to remove suspended solids, microorganisms, and other contaminants from water using a variety of filtration media
    • Presses: equipment used to dewater sludge and other materials by mechanically pressing out water
  • Acid mine drainage:
    • pH modification: chemicals or equipment used to adjust the acidity or basicity of water, improving the effectiveness of treatment processes
    • Heavy metal precipitation: chemicals or equipment used to remove heavy metals from water by promoting the formation of insoluble compounds
  • Environmental treatment:
    • TDS remediation: technologies or chemicals used to reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) content of water, improving its quality and suitability for reuse or discharge
    • Open and closed water circuitry: technologies or equipment used to treat and recycle water in open or closed-loop systems
  • Performance defoamers and anti-foaming agents: chemicals used to reduce the formation of foam in treatment processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Stockpile and tailings binding: chemicals or equipment used to stabilize and solidify tailings, reducing the risk of erosion and improving the stability of stockpiles and tailings storage facilities.
Chemstar Water Service
Chemstar Water Service Professionals

Service Plan

A feasibility study of every process is key for product selection, product application, and a successful program’s sustainability. Our professional representatives look at each facility as a partnership and tailor a “PROGRAM” to meet and sustain your needs.

We provide:

  • Chemstar WATER Superior Service
  • Routine service
  • Critical services for upset conditions
  • Detailed reports to identify our findings during the visit
  • Formal and field operator training to align with the agreed expectations

Chemstar WATER Commitment

As with every industry we serve and customers we work with, Chemstar WATER employees are committed to being leaders in safety. Our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace that is incident and injury-free. We believe excellence in health and safety practices is vital to the well-being of all people and crucial for our business.

We believe in being environmental stewards who challenge the status quo. We know there are many ways to treat water. We aim to use not only chemicals but smarter, technology-driven equipment solutions. We have technologies to save water and energy while reducing operating costs. To learn more about our pledge to our customers, employees, and the environment, read more about us.

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Chemstar WATER has proven to solve a barrage of customer challenges by bringing and adapting to the latest technologies in order to help achieve customers’ safety, quality, schedule, and cost goals. We believe, when it comes to water, it is the service solution, not the technology, our customers need. You focus on your building and we will focus on the water. CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR VIDEO.


All our Service Technicians and Engineers receive periodic training and are Certified Water Technologist (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) making them water treatment subject matter experts. They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, product and chemical inventories and provide in-plant discussions.

Chemstar WATER NonStop Reporting


Chemstar WATER scours the industry for new technologies to bring the lowest cost, most sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to its customers. Chemstar WATER’s position as being OEM agnostic allows it to find the best solution regardless of the technology. As a result, we are ready to help you obtain additional LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.


All our Service Technicians and Engineers receive periodic training and are Certified Water Technologist (CWT) through the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) making them water treatment subject matter experts. CWT is the industry’s highest level of recognition, certification, and achievement.  They have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to provide the highest standards of service to and oversight of boilers and chillers. They pride themselves on making facilities as efficient as possible using the latest water treatment technology.  They visit the customer per the scope of work as well as on an emergency basis, provide written reports, maintain product inventories, and check-in and out with key plant personnel when onsite.

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