Minimize Your Risks With A Water Management Plan (WMP)

Water management plans (WMP) have become increasingly critical as a way to strategically and systematically conserve water and Legionella management for both the short and longer terms.

Today, Chemstar WATER formally announces our newest service to you: world-class WATER MANAGEMENT PLANS. We provide ASHRAE 188-compliant and comprehensive solutions that include on-site risk assessment, baseline sampling, and testing, plan development, and review with your team.

Why does this matter for you?

The CDC and local regulations have made Legionella water management programs an industry standard for virtually any large building, especially healthcare facilities in the United States (ANSI/ASHRAE STANDARD 188-2018, LEGIONELLOSIS: RISK MANAGEMENT FOR BUILDING WATER SYSTEMS).

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a naturally occurring bacteria found in freshwater habitats. While in lakes in streams it can be innocuous, it is when it begins to grow in human-made water systems that it can become a health concern and lead to a severe lung infection called Legionnaires disease or a more flu-like Pontiac fever.

The CDC provides a list of vital signs to be aware of related to Legionella.

Source of Infection

While residential features like water tanks, showerheads, faucets, pools, and hot tubs, can become potential hotspots for bacteria growth, commercial facilities are the more common site of outbreaks especially:

  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Food and beverage manufacturing facilities
  • Corporate buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Universities

Legionella often goes undetected and then quickly spreads throughout the distribution systems of these large buildings via their plumbing, humidifiers, mist machines, and cooling towers. This makes it vitally important for management to have solid plans in place to identify, treat and prevent disease.

We can help with your plan

The development of these plans requires a complex approach complete with a multi-step process from initial assessment, team establishment, documentation, validation, and monitoring. Let us help you get proactive and be ready.

Why trust us?

Chemstar WATER has been providing water treatment services on the East Coast for more than 20 years. See more about our history, our values, and our mission to challenge the status quo of water treatment. To validate our programs and expand our Water Management and Safety Program services we have now recently formed a partnership with an independent third-party consulting firm, Special Pathogens Laboratory. SPL is a Legionella expert and led by world-renowned clinical and environmental microbiologist, Janet Stout.

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