Water Treatment Industry Expert Speakers

Count on us to provide water industry leadership at your next speaking event

Chemstar WATER was founded in 1999 and for the last two decades we have been the East Coast’s leading provider of water management solutions, products, and services. That’s why companies count on us as their water treatment industry expert speakers.

We collaborate with thought-leaders in the water industry sharing expert opinions and challenging the status quo of current cooling water, boiler water, and potable water treatment solutions. As Chemstar WATER specializes in the data center, healthcare, and light industrial water treatment application, we will be more than happy to support you and your organization through speaking, guest engagements, and expert-led events.

Experienced Water Treatment Veterans

As an originally Baltimore-based and now nationally-expanding company, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding products and services to our customers in all industries. Most importantly, our army of experienced water veterans consult and train organizations on how to become water stewards from strategy to project execution. These organizations trust us as the subject matter experts in the water domain and a complement to their internal processes.

Resource for the Water Treatment Industry

In the Data Center Water Treatment area, we contribute case studies and share our knowledge with trade organizations like Data Center Frontier in order to ensure that all sectors adopt best practices. In the Healthcare Water Treatment area, we have recently added water and safety management plan capability to our program in order to help our customers raise the standard of care and ensure regulatory compliance.

You will find our staff of water experts from across the nation presenting at local conferences and water-related seminars and forums (virtual ones in the last year). We would love to come and meet your team and deepen your water management and treatment knowledge. We encourage you to take the opportunity to listen and learn, ask questions, and find out what efficiencies and savings there are out there for you.

How to Request a Water Treatment Speaker

Please call 800-364-7177 or email us at water@chemstarwater.com. Let us know when and where your next event is being held. A representative will contact you for more details to coordinate a presentation for your group.